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7 Thunderbird Extensions that will allow you to replace Outlook

5 марта, 2008 2 комментария

Whether you are using Linux or not, Thunderbird is a great email client. It’s been around awhile, and works well. But what if we want more than what Thunderbird offers stock? What can we do so that we can share address books between users on completely different computers? Is there a way to use calendars? Can we then share the calendars so other users can access them? With fresh-from-the-box Thunderbird, good luck. Fortunately, the folks at Mozilla have given us the ability to create extensions for this great email client. Because of this, we have a bunch of slick extensions that can provide us with some cool features. Mainly, if we don’t want to pay huge fees for proprietary solutions, but we still want to be able to share address books and calendars, we can do it with Thunderbird. We just need to know which extensions to use.Well fasten your seatbelts. The list I’m about to give you could overhaul the way you do email. It’s a list of extensions that allow you to turn Thunderbird into a full-on communications center. Here we go… Тег «Далее»

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How to install QMail

11 января, 2008 2 комментария

Исходный адрес статьи — http://www.izone.kiev.ua/articles/314.htm
1. Qmail

1.1 Создание пользователей и групп
1.2 Создание каталогов
1.3 Установка qmailа

2. Установка Daemon tools

2.1 Maildrop

3. TcpServer
4. Vpopmail
5. Autorespond
7. Ezmlm
8. Spamassassin
9. Clamav — Antivirus
10. qmail-scanner
11. Скрипты и каталоги

11.1 Синонимы и каталоги по умолчанию
11.2 Запуск Supervise/Svscan
11.3 Скрипты для POP сервера
11.4 Скрипты для SMTP сервера

12. QmailAdmin
13. VQAdmin
14. Courier
15. IMAP Proxy
16. Squirrelmail
17. Isoqlog
18. Qmailmrtg
19. Утилиты
20. Замечания для дистрибутива RedHat Linux
21. Файлы
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How to move messages from Thunderbird to Outlook


Even though Mozilla Thunderbird is a fantastic email client, there are people who (for one reason or another) need to switch back to Microsoft Outlook Express (OE) or Outlook. However, Thunderbird still doesn’t have an “Export” feature which would export mail archives in a format understandable by OE or Outlook. IMAPSize can be of great help in this process and this page explains how to perform the migration.
Mozilla Thunderbird stores emails in the mbox format. Outlook Express stores email messages in propriatory *.dbx files but understands *.eml, which are plain text files. MS Outlook stores messages in *.pst files which are binary propriatory (Microsoft) files.
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