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Redmine+IMAP+Gmail = Easy ticket submission via e-mail

26 января, 2010 6 комментариев

This post will be about getting the incoming e-mail functionality enabled so that users can send and even update tickets via e-mail.  In-fact, this is quite a powerful feature, «how powerful is it!?»you ask… just a second I’ll get to that in a moment.

First, if you are following along from before then I can assume you are using Redmine under Windows and possibly even have it installed using the Bitnami stack.  I can also assume you probably use Exchange for your e-mail system and more than likely it does not have a Ruby environment on it, nor does it have IMAP enabled.  Finally, I am going to assume that the IT guys would get agitated if you even glanced in the direction of the server room.  How am I doing so far?  Alright, no worries, you should know better than to be playing with the production servers anyways.  We are going to get this incoming e-mail thing working for you in not time, just stay with me.

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Инвентаризация и не только

11 июня, 2008 5 комментариев
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