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Хорошие статьи о SVN

Нашел сайт с хорошими статьями по SVN: http://nordisch.org/svn

Например, предыдущая статья взята оттуда. Обнаружил в процессе поисков решения проблемы, что файл db/current постоянно сбрасывал владельца, после чего доступ пользователей, входящих в группу SVN, блокировался.

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SVN and permissions

5 ноября, 2008 1 комментарий

Quite often I hear people complaining “BDB sucks, it breaks here twice a day! I will use FSFS now. BDBjust sucks”. This seems true at first. But in many cases, it’s an administration error. 🙂

As the svn book and FAQ point out in many places, you need to take care of the permissions. The first important link with BDB and permissions might be the FAQ entry “Why do read-only operations still need repository write access?”. It explains why BDB requires write permission to the repository directory even for readonly operations. At this point, FSFS seems distinctly better than BDB, because FSFS only requires read permissions for readonly operations.

 For our checklist we keep in mind that a user needs write permissions for reading the repos.

Now we have to sort out the question “Who needs access to our repos?” I will discuss some common setups here.

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Как настроить SVN+SSH

25 сентября, 2008 3 комментария

0 Introduction
This Guide will explain in easy steps how to setup your Linux server
working for Subversion repository access through SSH client access.

The svn+ssh:// protocol enables you to use SSH client access is throught
the password prompt or using public private keys validation.
No Public/private key generation is necessary to use the simplified
svn+ssh protocol, but it might be a good idea, so that you can avoid
password prompts all the time when using the SVN client access.

This guide assumes that you know how to setup SSH with public/private
keys on the server and on your client, and that you already have
installed Subversion on your Linux box.

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Subversion Crash Course

A Crash Course in Subversion
By Garrett Rooney

If you’re already familiar with version control, Subversion is reasonably simple to use. The workflow is quite similar to that of several other version control systems (notably CVS), so you shouldn’t have too much trouble transitioning to Subversion. This chapter, [From the Apress book Practical Subversion] begins with a simple overview of Subversion and then dives into the specifics you need to know to use the software. Along the way, I compare Subversion commands to the equivalent commands in other version control systems, such as CVS and Perforce.

Conceptually, Subversion’s design is similar to that of CVS. There is a single central repository that holds all versions of each file that is under Subversion’s control. You (and others) can interact with the repository in two different ways, either by checking out a particular revision of the versioned data into a local working copy or by acting directly on the repository itself, without the need for an intermediate working copy. Generally, you’ll check out a local working copy, make changes, and then commit those changes back into the central repository. Тег «Далее»